10 Things To Make Trucking Easier

Each trucker has their own opinion on what makes the truck driving lifestyle easier for them. 

Watch this video to see what Trucker Queen, Nicole says makes trucking easier for her... 

WATCH: Things That Make Trucking Easier

Here 10 Things to Make Trucking Easier:

  1. Water Bottles: Nicole said it's easier to have water bottles instead of waiting to stop at a gas station or truck stop to fill up your reusable bottle.
  2. Multiple Chargers (in different locations): having chargers in more than one location is nice, this way you don't have to move it from the back to the front of the truck all the time.
  3. Right Size Fridge: big enough to hold what you need it to, but not take up too much space.
  4. Television: staying entertained during downtime is much easier when you have a TV on hand.  With the right space, you can get one that's still pretty large, but functional.    
  5. Coffee Mugs: these make it super convenient to fill up quickly at truck stops that have coffee fill stations.
  6. Phone Holders: these are nice to have so phones are fully secure and safer to use while out on the road.  
  7. Comfy Bed: some drivers opt for sleeping bags, while others go for a full setup.  Nicole and her co-driver have a nice comforter set that she says makes the truck feel homier.
  8. Suicide Handle or "Brodie" Spinner: Nicole talks about a suicide handle or Brodie Spinner which is an attachment that fits on the steering wheel to make turning easier.  This can be especially helpful when backing up.
  9. Change jars: are a good idea to have on the truck to make it functional to store and use change that accumulates...especially when it's needed for laundry day.
  10. Pets:  if your company allows it, pets can certainly make the truck feel more like a home away from home...and give you some furry companion company.  

What Are Some Things YOU Think Make Truck Driving Easier?

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