While You Are At CDL Training School

phase 4

Getting to know others

While at CDL Training School, you will be there with others that are going through the same transition as you. Since you will be there for up to a month, it can make the time more fun when you make friends and take initiative to meet others. You will have plenty of opportunities to get to know others on the weekends on weeknights after class, be sure to take advantage of it

In the classroom

For the first week of truck driving school, you will be in the classroom, here you will do bookwork. Be sure to take notes and pay attention, it is important that you comprehend things you learn and use them in the next couple weeks of school. 

On the range

During the second week, you will undergo learning how to drive your first big rig. You will get behind the wheel of a semi-truck and learn all of the ins and outs of what semi-trucks entail. Here you will learn the very important pre-trip inspection, backing, and parking.

Out on the road

During the range of the third and fourth week of school, you will practice driving out on the road and learning all the daily obstacles that will come once you are out on your own. You will be riding and practicing with an instructor in the semi-truck with you, so don't worry about being nervous... They will walk you through everything. The most important part about this week is getting comfortable driving a big rig.

Preparing for the state CDL exam

Once you and the instructors are confident in your ability to drive a semi-truck, it is time to gear up to take the state CDL exam. You will schedule this out, giving you any more time you may need to prepare yourself for it. Never forget that the instructors are there to help you succeed, so if you have questions or need help with anything, ask. Don't ever be afraid to ask a question.


Once you have successfully passed your CDL exam, graduating from CDL training school is next in line. Here you will be celebrated and told your next steps. When you go through Driver Solutions, you will have a job opportunity before you graduate. You will then get picked up by your mentor and head out on the road behind the wheel of a big rig!

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