Never be afraid to ask questions in your truck-driving career.

Asking questions - for some reason, we all get nervous to do it. Especially if you're new to a profession. Some are worried about the way the person might react or they might think their question is stupid. In reality, there are NO stupid questions. If you have a question about something, don't be afraid to ask! It is better to know than to assume and hope for the best. As a new driver, you may have questions about a lot of things, until you get some experience under your belt. But never forget that even the most seasoned drivers ask questions!

Whether you are a new or veteran trucker, asking questions won't be easy, but it is important to always ask instead of assuming! Take a look at the videos below from Trucker G who has years of experience in driving and helping new and veteran truckers in need of assistance! 

Trucking 101: Are There Stupid Questions?

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

  • To new drivers; asking one simple question can save you a lot of time and headaches. Don't be afraid to do so.
  • You will get certain people who are rude when you ask them questions, don't get discouraged by them, they are just taking their bad day out on you.
  • For older drivers; be happy about answering questions for new drivers. Remember that you were in their shoes not too long ago, be that trucker that they can rely on when they have a question about something.

As a new trucker or a veteran trucker, don't let the intimidation of others stop you from learning more, get out there and ask questions. Because even if you've been driving for years, you will still need to ask questions as the industry keeps moving forward! Truck drivers need to stick together, and one of the best ways is to support others when they need help.

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