Getting Past Your Halfway Mark In Your First Year Of Trucking

phase 10

Your first year is almost over

  • You are almost done with paying your dues. Almost being done with your first year of trucking is very exciting! You have lots of decisions coming up, whether it's if you stay with the same company or if you look for a different position with another company. The choice is yours!

Considering your options and opportunities to come

  • Once your first year is up, you can either stay with the same company and do the same route or look for new options. You could also begin to look at different companies...or maybe you've decided trucking just isn't for you. Whatever you pick is up to you.

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Speaking with friends, family, and your company about what's next

  • Before you make a decision, it is important to discuss this with your friends, family, and your company. Taking into consideration your family is the most important, maybe you can find a local position that allows you to come home to your family each night. Or a dedicated route that allows you home more often than you were the whole first year.

First-year completion

  • You have officially made it through your first year of trucking, and fulfilled your contract with the company. The next years of your trucking career are truly in your hands from here on out! The opportunities are endless.

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