Getting Past Your Halfway Mark In Your First Year Of Trucking

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Potentially Earning A Raise

  • Once you hit the halfway point in your first year, a lot of potential doors of opportunity will open for you. You have the potential to earn a raise or a performance based incentives. Different routes may come available for you to take that will help you get home to your family more often.

Halfway Through Your Contract

  • The months 6-9 months in on your 1-year contract can be an exciting time. You have made it halfway through your contract and only have a few months left before you can decide on what your next steps in your career will be. This is when the learning curve gets easier and the future looks brighter.

WATCH: 6 Months Driving for PAM Transport 

Fighting through the hard days;

  • As said before, the first year of trucking is the hardest. You are hit with different lifestyle changes, financial changes, time away from home, and a lot of other obstacles. Somedays you may think that giving up is the only solution to the hard days, but fighting through them will help you out more for your future. Fighting through those hard days will be worth it in the end - you can make truck driving an amazing career for you if you can make it through the rough patches.  

Making new trucker friends;

  • Meeting other people can be one of the most exciting things about a truck driving career. You will meet others daily at truck stops, docks, etc. There are also trucking groups you can become a part of on Facebook, including our page called RoadWarriors. Join today!

Learning your likes and dislikes of the job;

  • With every job, you will have things that you like and dislike about it. Once you hit the halfway point, you should be able to pinpoint each of these to help you decide what you plan to do once your 1-year is up.

Your family getting used to your schedule;

  • As time goes on, your schedule becomes easier for you and your family as well. They get more used to when you leave and the amount of time you will be gone. It never will be easy for any of you to be away from each other, but it does get easier as time goes on. 

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