Gaining Confidence During Month 3-6 Of Your First Year in Trucking

phase 8

Establishing A Routine

  • When you are in the middle of your first year of trucking, this is where you get more comfortable and start establishing a routine. Some routines that will fall into place is sleeping routine, truck stop/shower routine, eating, exercising, etc.

Focusing On Your Diet And Exercising

  • Some of the best routines to try and focus on during your first year of trucking is healthy eating and exercise. It is so easy to eat fast food all the time since you are constantly moving, we know, it's fast and convenient. But, there is a way to eat healthy food that you can cook in the truck. When you use a crockpot, air fryer, etc. As far as exercising goes, when you get breaks, taking walks is always a great way to get that exercise in. Some truckers have gym memberships for gyms that are all around the U.S. There are many ways to get into an exercise routine and it is something that is important!

WATCH: Healthy Morning Routine For Truck Drivers

Getting comfortable with pay and budgeting;

  • At this point in your career, you should be able to have a grip on your finances. In general, you should know what your payment will be for the number of miles you do in a week and be able to schedule out and plan for bills, etc. Being able to support yourself and your family is the most important, and these months can be the big turning point in seeing what truck driving can really do for you and them.

Products that can help improve driving;

  • There are a bunch of products that can help driving become easier. 
    • Food products; Crockpot, air fryer, electric stove, mini-fridge, recipe book.
    • Electronics; TV, GPS, BlueTooth Headset, Dashcam.

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