CDL Training Myths To Avoid

Company sponsored training, sometimes called contract training, is hated by your average truck driving school recruiter. Hate is a pretty harsh word, but most school recruiters you’ll meet will have horror stories about company sponsored training. Why does sponsored training get such a bad rap? Let’s first explain what the sponsorship of driver training is.

Trucking Companies Sponsor Truck Driver Training

For years the trucking industry has dealt with a shortage of qualified, well-trained truck drivers. There are more trucking jobs available than drivers to fill these jobs. The need is so great that companies are willing to pay for truck driving school in order to hire the newly trained graduates. Company sponsored training has been around for 20+ years and all the big names in the industry have or are currently offering sponsored CDL training, including JB Hunt, Schneider, PAM Transport, Werner Trucking, Swift Transportation, and USA Truck. I’m probably leaving out a great many more, but you get the idea.

What is Sponsored CDL Training?

When a trucking company agrees to cover the tuition costs (either full or partial) of CDL school, this is called sponsored training. Under a sponsorship, the student is expected to work for the company after graduating. In most cases, a student is required to sign a contract, which obligates him to work for the trucking company for a specific amount of time. This sponsorship arrangement is also known as contract training.

Myths About Training Sponsorships

Truck driving schools recruiters that don’t have sponsored training programs like to spread misinformation about the benefits and pitfalls of a sponsored training program. Their motivation is partly based on the sales commission they earn if you pay or finance the CDL training tuition. School recruiters don’t want to lose you and your money to a trucking company’s sponsored school. So they’ll make up horror stories about drivers who break contracts and get a bill for the tuition. Or about how these trucking companies pay terrible wages or drive unsafe equipment.

Trucking Training Truths

The truth is, the trucking companies using sponsored driver training programs are well run and invest significantly in a driver’s future with paid on-the-job training after CDL school. Trucks and equipment are often times newer and better maintained because the fleet is company-owned. Newer trucks prevent driver down time and costly shipping delays. In short, these are the companies you want to start your career with.  Still, some drivers do leave before the end of their contracts and understand they’ll need to pay the tuition balance themselves.

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