Why Truck Driving?  USA Truck Driver Tells All

Tired of living the same day over and over? 

You know what we mean - wake up, get ready for work, drive the same route each day, do the same job (such as operating a  forklift) over and over with seemingly no signs of progress or change.

Steven was in a similar spot before he decided to go after a truck driver job.  In fact, Steven went to another truck driving school prior to finding Driver Solutions.  He soon found out that a school with credit checks and loans was not the best option for him.  Driver Solutions, on the other hand, was able to find a company to sponsor his training (USA Truck) which meant no upfront tuition money and no credit checks. 

Not only was the ability to travel the country appealing to Steven, he also wanted to provide a better living for his family.  With a wife and 2 kids there were some upcoming expenses (such as dance school) he was going to have to take on and the first year potential salary that comes along with a truck driver job was encouraging.

We were able to catch up with Steven while he was waiting on this USA Truck Driver Trainer to pick him up.  Watch the video above for more from Steven! 

Considering A Truck Driving Job?
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