Who Is Driver Solutions?

Driver Solutions is not a truck driving school, we're more of a network of trucking companies and truck driving schools that helps to place new truck drivers in a CDL training program and an entry-level truck driving job.

Our role in your path to a CDL license and careers as a professional truck driver is to identify the best job opportunities available to you, conduct the pre-employment screening and approval process, and arrange for your CDL training at a Driver Solutions-approved truck driving school program.  We're also very hands-on in terms of the curriculum taught at our partner CDL training schools.

For example, we take a special interest in how the classroom time is taught, how much behind-the-wheel time is taught and whether or not these training programs are meeting the specific needs of the trucking companies that we also represent. So, if a trucking company has specific skills or needs that it wants emphasized, we can make sure its truck drivers get that focused training.

Simply put, if you are considering a career as a professional truck driver, Driver Solutions should be your stop.  Many have tried to copy us, but no one has more experience and knowledge in helping folks begin a new truck driving career.