Who Is Driver Solutions?

Driver Solutions specializes in placing inexperienced truck drivers with well-known trucking companies like PAM Transport and USA Truck.  This is done through our company sponsored CDL training program. 

In the company sponsored CDL training option, the trucking company pays for the upfront tuition needed to attend trucking school.   In exchange for covering the tuition costs, the company will want you to drive for them for a period of 12 months - giving them the peace of mind to know they have a qualified truck driver behind the wheel.

At trucking school, you will receive the necessary truck driver training to earn your CDL license and become a qualified truck driver.  The company sponsored training option also allows us to place you into that pre-arranged truck driving job opportunity with PAM Transport or USA Truck giving you the encouragment of knowning something is lined up when you complete training and graduate.

At Driver Solutions, we have over a decade of experience in recruiting, training, and placing truck drivers into truck driving jobs.  Our experience and success make us the recognized leader in truck driving recruitment.  Complete our online application to get your trucking career started today.

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