Who Covers The Truck Driving Job Expenses?

If you are looking at truck driving jobs with no experience under your belt, you likely have several questions about the industry.  One of our most frequently asked questions is - who pays for fuel and other expenses out on the road?

To answer this question first hand, we have Chad Shelton.  Chad came through the Driver Solutions training program earlier this year.  He is currently driving in a team truck driving job with PAM Transport.  He stopped by one of our schools to give us an update on how things are going in his new team trucking job. 

While he was here, we decided to ask him some of our frequently asked questions.  What better way to find out the answer to some of those questions you have about truck driving than hearing it from a truck driver himself?

In today's video, Chad explains how fuel and other vehicle expenses are handled by PAM Transport.

For more from Chad in our Alumni Series, check out this post as Chad discusses what it's like to work in a team truck driving job

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