What’s It Like To Drive A Semi-Tractor Trailer?

If you're joining us for the first time, we're following 2 drivers as they begin their trucking career - Morry from Atlanta, Georgia and Matt from Lexington, Kentucky. 

Morry and Matt are now in week 2 of the Driver Solutions CDL training program.  They've moved on from the classroom out to the range to get some real behind the wheel experience.

Matt just got done driving for the 2nd time and Morry just wrapped up his 1st experience behind the wheel of a big rig.  As you can imagine, there are a lot of different emotions all wrapped up into one in this video.  They literally just got out of their trucks, so you're getting to experience their reactions for the first time!

Watch the video in this post to find out what it's like to finally get behind the wheel.  You'll also learn:

  • How it compares to what they thought it'd be like
  • What do you need to watch for while driving
  • How it feels to get out of the truck for the first time
  • If/how the instructors help while they're driving
  • Is the truck comfortable?
  • What happens next

Check back on Thursday, July 7th for part 3 of our series to find out how these drivers felt after taking their semi out on the road!