What Trucking Companies Are Still Hiring?

I get asked a lot these days, "which trucking companies are still hiring new truck drivers?"  And my answer is that PAM Transport is the best company hiring new drivers that complete the company sponsored CDL training program.  You see, these trucking companies are very financially responsible companies.  They understand the costs involved with hiring a new truck driver.  And that understanding is a big reason each of these trucking companies are partners with Driver Solutions.  PAM Transport does a good job of controlling their recruiting costs.  As a result, these companies have been able to continue to offer a CDL training sponsorship program when other trucking companies are lucky to just have a few trucks.  

So if you are looking around at CDL training options, take a close look at what the Driver Solutions partners can offer: a good entry level driving job, great benefits and job training that you can qualify for regardless of credit.