What Should Good Trucking Schools Teach You?

Today, I ran across an article that I was very excited to read.  The title of the article was 3 Ways to Avoid an Accident - What Truck Driving Schools Don't Tell You.  Clever title, I must say so myself.  I thought for sure I was going to get some great information to share with our readers and maybe even something to pass along to CDL instructors to ask for their input.

student-at-trucking-schoolInstead, I found an article that included only very basic information that any trucking school should cover.  In fact, some of the information could even be called "life lessons."  Not sure what else to call a point like: "Pay attention. Don't get distracted with all the pretty girls driving by. Especially when you are in heavy traffic."  And if things like "planning ahead" and "learning from your mistakes" are not covered, then we've got a serious problem. 

But then I started thinking, there probably are some bad trucking schools out there.  Perhaps there are even some students that aren't being taught how to properly read a map and plan their routes.  Maybe there are even some instructors that don't take the time to teach a proper pre-trip inspection.  After all, it's not uncommon to see some "fly by night" operations pop up from time to time.  

So, what should a good truck driving school teach you?

In short, you should learn all of the basic skills needed to earn your CDL (Commercial Driver's License) and start a truck driving job.  To find out what that process should be like, we've put together a series of videos that breaks down each week.  To watch these videos just use the links below:  

In 2010, Driver Solutions helped over 2,400 people start new truck driving careers.  We did this not just by partnering with good truck driving schools, but the best truck driving schools in the industry.  We also take a different approach to offering truck driver training - we find a job opportunity for you BEFORE you actually start school. 

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