Favorite Vacation Spots For Truck Driver In The United States

driver-solutions-facebookOne of the perks of a trucking career is the ability to travel and visit places of interest.  A large number of our truck driver training students that come through trucking school are really excited about getting the chance to see and do new things in their time on the open road.  So, we decided to run a giveaway on our Driver Solutions Facebook Page asking people -  What Is Your Favorite Place To Visit/Vacation In The United States And Why?

The concept was simple - tell us your favorite place and why, then you are automatically entered into our $20 Visa Gift Card drawing.  We had 29 different responses and wanted to share some of our fans' favorite places! 

Driver Solutions' Facebook Fans Favorite Places To Visit/Vacation In The U.S.

  • Texas - it's hot and the view of nothing goes for miles
  • Florida - it's always sunny and beautiful
  • Grand Canyon - I've been to 48 states, but have never been there
  • Southern California - I lived there as a kid, and I love the beach!!
  • New York City - the shopping and the city smile
  • Dale Hollow Lake - I like the fishing and time with my family
  • Branson, Missouri - it's the live entertainment capitol of the world!
  • New Mexico - the sun and the scenery
  • Deadwood, SD - I love history
  • Yosmite Valley - it's my favorite place to visit on earth

If you didn't get a chance to respond to this particular giveaway, be sure to check out Driver Solutions on Facebook for our next one!