What Is The Training Provider’s Commitment To The Student?

This is a very important question to ask if you are searching for additional training to help prepare yourself for a new job or career change.  With the current unemployment situation our country is facing, many people are enrolling in training programs to acquire new skills.  After completing this training programs and developing new skills, a lot of people are still finding themselves unemployed.  The main reasons being that the job demand is not as great as they originally thought and/or the training provider does not actually help them find job - it only provides the training.

A recent article in USA Today hits onpam-trucking-jobs several examples of people that have been recently laid off and are still looking or settling for jobs paying far less than they were making before.  This list of people includes construction workers, welders, horse-grooomers, etc.  While the article does say that several people are finding jobs after being retrained, it is still clear that most of these people were not aware of the actual job opportunities prior to starting training.  The bottom line is that getting additional training will make you more marketable, but you need to understand the training provider's commitment to helping you actually find a job once training is complete.

At Driver Solutions, we are commited to doing our best to match all truck driver training students with pre-arranged job opportunities at trucking companies such as PAM Transport and USA Truck.  We are able to do this through a company sponsored CDL training program.  This trucking training program allows the student to receive the proper training without having out of pocket costs that most programs require.  It also creates a job opportunity as the company paying for training will require that the driver work for their company for a certain amount of time in exchange.   It’s a win-win situation. You get a CDL, great training and a well-paying truck driving position for a respectable company. The trucking company benefits by employing you as a well-trained, safety conscious driver.

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