What Is It Like To Start A Trucking Career?

We've shared several interviews with our students while they are in training right here on our blog.  The goal is to provide you, the reader, with  everything you need to become a truck driver.   

We've talked with students at CDL training on their first day, during their first week, and after graduation.  We've also shared stories from truck drivers that have come through our program and have been with the same trucking company for over 7 years. 

Today, we bring you an interview with Steven Shrader, a recent graduate of our CDL training program.  We were able to catch up with Steven while he was waiting on his driver trainer to pick him up.  The timing was perfect as Steven had plenty to share about his training experience and truck driving in general.

Steven first came to Driver Solutions while he was looking to find a career that provided him with a better income.  He wanted to provide for his family and send his daughter to dance school.  He had looked into other programs, but they were all based upon credit and required a student loan in order to get through training.  When he came across Driver Solutions, he was glad to see we didn't require a credit check or a loan to get his new career started.

In our interview, Steven talks about the communication style of the instructors at trucking school and how they were able to work with him when he was having a hard time with his alley dock.  The one-on-one instuction really helped him learn more than what he was able to learn in his previous training experience.

Steven is looking forward to seeing the nice scenery that comes along with being out on the road.  He said it's going to be a nice change of pace compared to driving the same way to work every single day.  Some states he would like to visit include California, Florida, and New York. 

Check out the video above for more from Steven on starting his trucking career.

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