What is a CDL?

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A CDL, or Commercial Driver’s License, is required in the United States to operate any truck with a gross weight of over 26,000 pounds. And Driver Solutions, along with some of the best truck driving schools in the nation, will help you prepare and obtain your Class A CDL License, allowing you to start your career as an over-the-road truck driver.

Before 1986, each state issued its own form of a CDL license and there were no set standards for truck driver training. The lack of training and testing resulted in high rates of accidents and injuries, and this was due primarily to the lack of professional driver training. The trucking industry realized the need for higher standards, and they helped pass the Commercial Vehicle Safety Act. The purpose for this law was to improve highway safety by making sure that all truck drivers have passed both a written test and a driving skills test to become qualified to drive a tractor trailer.

With the Driver Solutions Network CDL training program, you’ll learn how to safely drive a truck and get prepared to start a successful career as a professional truck driver.