What Does Economic Recovery Mean for the Trucking Industry?

The good news right now is the economy has stopped dropping, and truck loads have stopped shrinking. So what exactly does this mean for truck drivers & trucking companies? Nothing but good things, I think.

Although the economy shipping shrinkage has stopped, it is predicted there will be no major growth for another six months. And the trucking industry is not going to feel any effect for probably another year. Yet, trucking companies are still in need & still hiring truck drivers everyday! It’s such a big industry and the demand, for shipments & drivers, will never go away.

On another note, when the economy really picks back up again, we believe the cost of freight will go up along with fuel prices. This freight increase will be good for trucking companies because they can get their business fully running again and continue to make more money. During 2011, trucking companies can expect to see a major development in the trucking industry as they will be hiring more drivers and eliminating layoffs. When the economy completely rebounds, people will start to ship more products again, and this will eventually generate high demand for truck drivers, just like before. And companies like Driver Solutions will still be around to help fill that demand.

It is known that trucking companies are the ones that go down first in a bad economy, but they're also the first ones to come back up when the economy is good. Hopefully that time is fast approaching!