What Do Family Members Have To Say About Their Truck Drivers?

We recently announced the winners of our Truck Driver Appreciation contest.  Overall, there was a great response from not only the truck drivers themselves, but also the family members that support those out on the road. 

When looking to get a trucking career started, it is not uncommon for people to have questions about the time away from home.  A truck driver job certainly won't guarantee that you are home every night or home every week for that matter.  It's a lifestyle that takes some adjusting so you can make the most of your time at home.  truck-driving-family

While being away from home can be difficult, it was clear from the truck driver appreciation stories that came in that it's an occupation that families really respect.  Many of the truck drivers nominated were nominated by multiple family members.  While the family members acknowledged that the drivers are away from home for long periods of time, they all appreciated that they were able to take care of their family.  The stories talked about drivers choosing to pursue a trucking career after being laid off from other jobs, while others were just about drivers finally getting to do what they love - travel the country. 

Here are some of the things families had to say about their drivers:

"I am showing my appreciation for my wonderful husband, Kevin.  He has such a big heart and cares so much about others and his family first!"

"My husband may be "just a truck driver" to some people, but to me he is a very courageous and independent man doing a job that very few are able to accomplish." 

"Well, my husband finally got his CDL! We are all so proud of his accomplishment. His glow of pride when he tells people he can drive a truck is priceless. Finally, he can do what he loves and get rewarded for it."

"I think I'm most proud of the interest he has taken in his student's lives. He will be in a wedding for one of his students this November and when asked he was overjoyed.  Neal is a winner with us -his family. "

"He works very hard for his company and trains future truck drivers.  He takes his time to teach them right so they will be safe out on the road and for his company.  I am proud to say I will be his wife on Oct. 9th.  I couldn't ask for a better husband or best friend.  I hope I can get this for him to show him how much he means to me and all of our kids." 

"He has not been driving long, but he deserves everything he can get to help him fullfill his lifelong dream of truck driving.  He will never give up and I am glad to finally see him happy in a job that he loves!"

These are just a few of the things that family members had to say about the truck drivers in their life.  There may be just one National Truck Driver Appreciation Week each year, but it's clear to see that these truck drivers are appreciated year round by their family.