(Video):  The Most Important Item To Have on a Truck

When a driver hits the road, there are a couple items that are crucial for success in the industry. We were curious what some drivers believed to be the most important thing to have on the road, so we set out and asked OTR drivers this very thing. Watch the video below to see what they thought the most important item to have out there was...

While the most important item to keep on the road can be a personal preference, there's hardly any denying that one of the most important, if not THE most important, is a trucker atlas or trucking GPS. These two tools help truckers get from Point A to Point B, which obviously is important to be a successful truck driver out there! A trucker atlas is so important in fact, that map reading skills are taught in the classroom during CDL training. Even if a driver has a truck GPS, it's crucial that they're aware how to navigate to a shipper or receive with only the help of an atlas.

A truck GPS can add that extra layer of comfort and confidence for a truck driver trying to get from Point A to Point B. It certainly makes things less nerve-wracking when traveling to a place never traveled before. But for the driver that decides to invest in a truck-specific GPS, there are some things to remember. First of all, ensure that the GPS unit purchased is a truck specific GPS! A regular old passenger vehicle GPS will not work and you're likely to get into some trouble on the road if you rely on one. A truck specific GPS will allow the driver to input the specs of his vehicle, such as trailer height, weight, length, and Hazmat restrictions. Second, a driver must not blindly follow the GPS as even technology is not 100% reliable. To ensure you don't get into a bind, check the route the GPS provides with the best route to take in your trucker atlas.

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