3 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Truckers - Under $40

There's nothing worse than realizing it's Valentine's Day and you've forgotten that special someone in your life...yet again.  Don't forget about your truckin' hubby or truckin' wifey this year!  Odds are your partner is on the road for weeks at a time, so plan a time earlier rather than later to give he/she a Valentine's Day gift shows you're really thinking of him/her.  Remember, even if you cannot spend Valentine's Day with your truckin' honey, it doesn't mean you can't do something special to make it seem as though you are there.  Below are truck Valentine's Day gift ideas for truckers that they will be able to take with them out on the road as a reminder you care.

Here are 3 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Truckers Under $40:

1. RoadPro 12V 1.5 Quart Slow Cooker

The trucking lifestyle doesn't exactly make eating a good meal while out on the road easy to do, but with this convenient slow cooker the trucker in your life can enjoy a Valentine's Day feast.  If it works out that he or she will have some home time before Valentine's Day, you could even prepare a chili or stew recipe in advance to send with your trucker to make on Valentine's Day as a special reminder that even though you might not always be there, you still care.  Who would have thought a slow cooker could be so romantic?

2. Visor Picture Frame for Truck w/ Your Favorite Picture

Most truck drivers keep pictures of family in the truck as reminders of great memories.  The only problem is that often times these pictures end up getting stuff stacked on them or accidentally misplaced in the truck.  With this visor picture frame, the trucker in your life can keep your favorite picture of the two of you together in perfect condition and always easy to find.  It's the perfect, quick and practical gift idea for truck drivers on Valentine's Day.

3. RoadPro 12V Mini Air Purifier

Don't you want the love of your life to breathe clean, fresh air while traveling the USA?  Truck drivers basically live in the cabs of their truck for a large part of the day/week/month and having clean air to breathe is important to their health.  On another note, the fact is that many truck drivers are still smoking.  While that's obviously NOT healthy, it obviously IS smelly!  No one likes to sit in a truck that is overwhelmed with the smell of cigarette smoke.  While this air purifier won't completely get rid of the smell, it does help. 

There you have it - 3 Valentine's Day gift ideas for truckers that aren't going to break the bank.  While they may be simple, they're something that your truckin' hubby or wifey will remember for a long time! 

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Do you have any gift suggestions?  What are you getting the truck driver in your life this Valentine's Day?