Virtual Technician For A Better Driving Experience

Driver Solutions partner USA Truck recently announced a new technology for some of their trucks -- an onboard diagnostics program. This satellite based safety system is supposed to make maintenance and repairs more efficient for USA Truck and their drivers.

The Detroit Virtual Technician system alerts USA Truck drivers to any potential vehicle malfunctions or maintenance issues that might require the driver to pull off the road. The system is supposed to help drivers determine whether they need to pull off the road immediately to fix a vehicle problem or if it can wait until a more convenient time. The system can tell within two minutes the type and severity of the problem.

This Detroit Virtual Technician program takes snapshots before, during, and after certain fault codes are triggered, which are then delivered to the driver manager who decides when and where the truck needs to be serviced.

The biggest pro of the system? The problem(s) with the vehicle are identified immediately, significantly cutting wasted time spent in the shop while mechanics scramble to figure out what the problem is. It also helps to avoid additional damages caused by a problematic engine.

On top of keeping drivers safe and efficient, the program also records events like stop and idle time, speed, location, mileage, fuel consumption, and more.

Currently, only six trucks in USA Truck's fleet are equipped with the Virtual Technician. However, as new trucks are introduced into the fleet, USA Truck may decide to implement more trucks with the system.

What do you think? Do you think this could be a helpful system to have on trucks?

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