More New Trucks On The Way - USA Truck Invests in 2014 Fleet

USA Truck has made it a point over the last year to begin investing in new trucks for its drivers.  Over the course of 2013, the company began awarding new trucks as part of its "fleet revitalization initiative" like this Freightliner given to Timothy Michael shown in the photo (photo from USA Truck Facebook page).  It looks like this positive trend will continue into 2014 meaning more good news for USA Truck drivers.

In a recent press release, USA Truck announced that they've recently received a delivery of 150 new 2014 International ProStar tractors that are set to arrive during the fourth quarter of 2013 and throughout January of 2014.

USA Truck Driver Timothy MichaelThis recent purchase of new tractors comes after a previous order of 250 new tractors and 400 new trailers earlier in the year.

This investment of new equipment is helping USA Truck to maintain a current average fleet equipment age of 2.5 years, which is well below the industry average of 6.6 years.  Furthermore, USA Truck aims to enhance maintenance processes so as to reduce operating costs and improve operational execution.

The new equipment purchase is part of many ongoing efforts to continue to improve the company heading into the new year.  USA Truck drivers have noticed these positive changes and the energy can be felt.  In another recent article about USA Truck, CEO John Simone had this to say, "I feel really good about where we are today with our workforce and the engagement with our workforce. There is a lot of energy. If you had the opportunity to walk around you can feel the energy in our buildings. You can feel the excitement with our team members.”

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