USA Truck Hires & Trains Inexperienced Drivers

Each day, those looking to start a trucking career are searching for companies that hire and train inexperienced drivers.  The Driver Solutions Network consists of some of the top trucking companies that are willing to do just that. 

One of these companies is USA Truck.  USA Truck works with Driver Solutions to sponsor a student's truck driver training.  This means they will cover the upfront tuition associated with starting the training program in exchange for the new driver agreeing for work with their company for a period of 1 year.  This allows drivers to get the experience they need to continue to advance their trucking career while giving USA Truck the assurance they are hiring a safety conscious, well-trained driver.

We've put together a video that provides an overview on the process by which USA Truck hires and trains inexperienced drivers.  Check it out to get more information on this option for entering the truck driving industry.

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