Updates From the Road: The Truck Driver Lifestyle

Today, we're kicking off a new series on the Driver Solutions blog - Updates from the Road: The Trucker Lifesyle

In this series, we'll be featuring updates from truck drivers about their travels and accomplishments throughout their trucking career.

Today, we're featuring 2 updates from Driver Solutions CDL training graduate, Cindy Chambers.  Cindy came through our program several months ago and since then has done a great job of keeping us updated via the Driver Solutions Facebook page

Check out Cindy's travels from the first part of July: 


I am getting the driving down and am getting very comfortable cruising the country. Hubby (a 1.5 yr experienced driver) is training with me so we can run our team efficiently. YES! There are 3 of us in a truck (the both of us and our trainer) We finished our in-house training last Tuesday and have been doing lots of miles approx 6000 since then. Attached is a map of our travels this week. We are currently enjoying the luxury of a hotel room in upstate NY since there is a no-idle law here. LIFE IS SWEET AND I AM ENJOYING MY NEW TRUCKING CAREER TREMENDOUSLY! **We just got our load outta here which will have us delivering in Indianapolis sometime on Friday.

The software I used for this is Microsoft Streets & Trips...you can download a free trial version from the microsoft website...You can also purchase a usb gps that can make your pc into a great navigational tool for well under 100 bucks..I took many photos and videos on our trip west and back east..they can be viewed in my facebook photos & videos...With 3 on the truck we did not stop much but i did take in the sites smile My favorites were my drive over the Continental Divide, the Salt Flats of Utah and the Great Salt Lake, and Reno NV although time did not allow us to stop at any..If I can help with anything else, please let me know smile - Cindy Chambers on July 7th, 2011