Updates From the Road: Texas, California, North Dakota, and Virginia

Many people come through the Driver Solutions program because they want to see the country and make money at the same time.  Truck driving makes a great career choice for these individuals as they are able to make enough money to provide for their family and they get to enjoy the freedom of being their own boss. 

If you would like to get a career in truck driving started so you can see the country from behind the wheel of a big rig, complete our online application today!

Check out updates from some truck drivers that have graduated from the CDL training program:

The truck is finally repaired and we have spent the evening in Long Beach both sightseeing and practicing backing (pix & videos to be posted later) We load at 3am and roll to Texas with our first stop being Austin to be followed by Houston. It will feel very good to be rolling again:) LIFE IS STILL SWEET! - Cindy Chambers

Painted Canyon North Dakota

5 days ago, I got to run through Montana and N. Dakota... As I was comming close to heading east outta N. Dakota, my team mate needed me to stop at a rest area... Turned out the rest area was at Theodore Rosevelt National Park (Painted Canyon).... The sight was simply amazing!! - Nicole Reeves

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