Understanding Your Job Options Before You Start CDL Training

At Driver Solutions, we make sure that you fully understand the truck driving job options before you ever even start training at our trucking school.  This is a huge point of difference when compared to other truck driving training programs that only exist to help you get trained - often leading to their students still being unemployed at the end of the program. 

It's for this reason that our Driver Agents work with everyusa-trucking-job single applicant to match them up with the best truck driver job available BEFORE they ever start training.  Every student at our driving school is fully educated on the options we offer in the Driver Solutions Training Program and the options that will become available as they earn their CDL license to start their trucking career.  This gives them a big advantage over other invididuals going through training programs that do not even have a foot in the door with a job to start after training.

While looking for a job, it's tempting to be attracted to industries out there that appear "trendy" but for the most part, the job oppotrunities do not yet exist.  A perfect example of this is the green energy industry.  It's a hot topic - which is great, but that does not necessarily mean a good paying job will come after completing a renewable energry program.  A recent USA Today article addressed this in a brief paragraph about Ken Stahovec.  Ken got goverment aid for $2,000 to attend a renewable energy program at Macomb Community College after he was laid off from his engineering job.  He ended up settling for an hourly-pay job making half of his previous salary.  While he is back in the work force and making money again, he said he could have held out and waiting for something in his previous industry.

It's likely that many people in Ken's situation do not truly understand the job opportunities available before they actually start training.  This is why our company sponsored CDL training option is a great option for so many people.  A trucking company like USA Truck or PAM Transport pays for a great CDL training program in exchange for working with their company after graduation.  It provides the support to get the proper training and the comfort of knowing a job opportunity is available upon graduation. 

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