‘Twas The Night Before Christmas…Trucker Edition

Christmas Eve is coming soon...Santa-Claus

And many people are counting on Santa Claus to deliver their presents on time.

But there are others racing through the snow this year to make on time Christmas deliveries. 

Often the unsung heroes, truck drivers are working year-round to stay on route and deliver goods to their destination on time.  In many ways, the only difference between truck drivers and Santa Claus is that Santa is powered by 8 reindeer while truck drivers are powered by a big diesel engine!  But as Santa says to the trucker in the video above, "you and I, we're not so different." 

This Christmas, take a moment to think about the truck drivers that are going the extra mile (literally) to make sure Santa has all of the presents for delivery.  Without them, even Santa would be a little behind schedule! 

Enjoy this Trucker Style version of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas.  Show your appreciation for truck drivers by sharing with your Facebook friends.  Make sure truck drivers aren't overlooked this holiday season.