Trucking Spot Freight Jumps in December 2009

According to recent statistics the trucking economy is slowly improving. Spot freight in December increased 11 percent over November and was more than double the amount for December 2008, based on the TransCore Freight Index. December is typically weak for spot freight but it was the highest level for all of 2009.

So things are getting better out there. The trucking economy is showing some signs of picking up. Maybe not as fast as we would like, but the trend is now going in the right direction which means soon more freight will need to be shipped and trucking companies will start to hire truck drivers again. And when they do they just might find that there aren’t enough drivers out there.

When the economy picks up and stabilizes, experts believe there will be a shortage of drivers as more freight is shipped again and as more and more Baby Boomer drivers retire. Many carriers are concerned about the driver shortage, but are not yet willing or able to hire more in anticipation of the coming shortage. But they do anticipate the need to find qualified and responsible drivers. Carriers know they have a very short window of opportunity to recruit the drivers they need when the need arises. Will you be ready?

If you have been sitting on the couch, wondering what to do with your career, now is a good time to think about truck driving school. Driver Solutions offers a unique program that matches entry level truck drivers with trucking companies providing a company paid truck driver training program.  There will always be a need for truck drivers. Freight will always need to be shipped. Having a CDL license is insurance in tough economic times. Hopefully there won’t be another recession soon, and especially not like this one, but if there is, having a CDL with proper truck driver training can mean the difference between sitting on the couch waiting for a job, or driving the open road, making your own hours, and having a steady paycheck.