Trucking Jobs & Home Life: Balancing Work With Family

In the year since Nicole has begun her truck driving job with PAM Transport, she's had to find a balance of life over the road, and life at home as a mother to her two young daughters. To make her daughters feel special and have one-on-one time with them when she's on home time, she says she will often take the two adventurous and outdoors-loving girls out for a mini-vacation of their own. Nicole says they often stop by a nearby town, get a motel room, and go-sightseeing. Nicole's truck driving job allows her to do more for her kids than she was ever able to before. Her daughters love "that mommy is a truck driver" and enjoy bringing the postcards and other toys Nicole sends home while driving to school to share with their friends. Nicole has made raising two daughters while becoming a truck driver for PAM Transport work for her. Nicole graduated from truck driving school in February 2011 after taking advantage of Driver Solutions' company sponsored CDL training. She has spent time on the road as a team and solo driver for PAM Transport. She hauls loads from coast to coast for the company, and she loves her truck driving job so much, she intends to keep on doing it for many years to come.

This video is part of a series called "Driver Solutions Alumni" that shows what happens to Driver Solutions graduates after they've left truck driving school and have begun work for their trucking company. Watch the next episode from Nicole's video series: Great Pay and Financial Freedom as a Truck Driver!

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