The Trucking Industry Continues to Grow and Change. Are You Ready for It?

Jim Park has written a wonderful article about the changing times for the trucking industry and truck driving specifically. It's a must read for all truck drivers but especially for owner-operators. If you are thinking about going to truck driving school to become a truck driver you should read this article.

In a nutshell, Park discusses how the truck driving industry is poised to start picking up and asks if owner-operators are going to be ready for the upturn in the economy with all the new changes happening.

The changes he cites are:

  • Long-haul freight shifting from trucks to trains
  • Specialized equipment and handling
  • Stiffening in the regulatory environment
  • Challenges to the independent contractor status

There is no doubt the industry is changing and not always for the better. The government seems to have a hand in every aspect of truck driving these days which will hopefully not dissuade potential drivers from taking up the profession.

Drivers don't need more regulations, what they need is a route to drive so they can support their families. Let the truck driver worry about the truck driver. The government can worry about the roads.

We need drivers on the road who can think for themselves. Truck driving doesn't lend itself to lemmings or to people who can't think their way through a jam. Adding more and more regulations just thins out the list of potentially great drivers.

At Driver Solutions, we train our students to be the best truck drivers they can be. We prepare them for what lies ahead if they choose to hit the road. If they want to be an owner-operator or just drive for a great company, we get them ready to move forward in their chosen direction.

Changes are coming, make no mistake about that. If you aren't ready for those changes we can help get your ready for them.