Trucking Offers Financial Freedom

A year ago, Nicole was just graduating from truck driving school. Now she's spent a year with PAM Transport in a new truck driving job. In this video, Nicole explains how the opportunity to become a truck driver has changed her financial life for the better. Nicole, the mother of two young girls, told us that her first Christmas home after beginning a new truck driving job was the best one she's ever celebrated as a parent. She said she was able to do more for her daughters as a truck driver than ever before thanks to the great pay a truck driving job offers. Since becoming a truck driver, Nicole has paid off her home in Tennessee and purchased a new home in Texas. Both of her homes are on PAM Transport routes, so she spends a lot of time at both. While she has been enjoying the financial freedoms that come along with great pay and benefits from PAM Transport, Nicole also stressed that it's very important to save money and plan well.

Nicole is a February 2011 graduate of the company sponsored CDL training program that Driver Solutions offers. Since leaving truck driving school, she has spent time as part of a team and working solo over the road, hauling freight from coast to coast for PAM Transport. As a mother, she maintains a careful balance of home life with her daughters, and stays connected with friends and family on a regular basis online.

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