Trucking Driving Training & The Trucking Lifestyle


One very important aspect of pursuing a trucking career is being prepared to handle the lifestyle change that comes with being out on the road behind the wheel for weeks at a time.  As they will teach you during truck driving training, maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a professional driver is very important to not only your safety, but the safety of others around you.

That being said, a typical truck driving lifestyle makes it very easy to eat a lot of “junk” food and skip exercising.  Along with sleep apnea, lack of exercise and health is definitely one of the hot topics in the trucking industry right now.  In order to raise awareness, last week at the 2010 Great American Trucking Show in Dallas the Trucking Solutions Group Driver Health Council and Healthy Trucking Association of America organized a 61+ Awareness Walk.   The 1.5 mile walk was done indoors to avoid the Texas heat and the turnout was great. 

Many truck drivers have such a busy schedule out on the road that it makes it difficult to find time in between loads to stick to an exercise or nutrition plan.  It's always nice when you see a group come together to raise some awareness for such an important cause in the trucking industry.  As Linda Caffee, a driver and chair of the Trucking Solutions Group Health Council, said:

“This is a plea from driver to driver to get outside of your truck and work towards a healthier lifestyle. We’re all in this together. This walk provides everyone with the opportunity to receive support from your fellow drivers and get on the road to better health.”

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