Trucking Company Plans to Add 2,500 Jobs in 2010. Will You Be Ready?

We recently heard that Schneider National and how they have recently announced plans to grow their regional driving fleet by an additional 2,500 jobs this year. This is good news for the trucking industry as well as for men and women who are considering a career in truck driving.

With the announcement of this many new jobs, we're taking it as a good sign that the trucking economy is on the upswing. That means now is a good time to consider learning how to drive a truck.

The company has seen a rapid expansion in all five of its regions which are in the West, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast and Northeast. The customer demand for regional services is high which has created enough freight density to get drivers home most weeks.

Getting home more often is more important for drivers than ever before. Truck drivers today realize how important it is to have balance and getting home to be with family and friends is one way to achieve that balance.

As the industry picks up and regional shipping takes off more and more drivers can be home for those important life moments. Driving regionally allows truck drivers to have more flexibility in their day to day lives.

Truck driving is one of those professions that will always be in demand. We are a nation built on moving goods from place to place and there couldn't be a better time to learn how to become a part of that infrastructure.

Regional shipping is increasing, make no mistake, are you going to be ready when the shipping companies start hiring? If not, now might be the time to consider learning how to drive a big rig.