Trucking Careers & Tank Truck Carriers

There are a lot of job opportunities in a trucking career.  One of those opportunities is a career as a driver for a tank truck carrier.  While this is definitely not an entry level position, Driver Solutions can help you get started with the truck driving training needed to get your CDL license.  Once you get your CDL license and gain some over-the-road experience you may decide to one day bcome a tank truck carrier driver.

Right now tank truck carriers are having a very difficult time finding qualified drivers.  Drivers  are out there, but a shortage still exists in drivers with the necessary training and qualifications.  Trucking companies such as Schneider National Bulk Carriers are hoping that the process for getting the necessary training and qualifications becomes more streamlined very soon to help address the shortage of drivers.  George Grossardt, vice president and general manager at Schneider National Bulk Carriers suggests that the regulatory agencies move to one unified credentialing process and says, "If a driver has to be fingerprinted, do it one time."

The most important thing to note is that trucking companies need qualified drivers that have truck driver training and a CDL license.  If you do not have these basic requirements, it is going to be difficult to get a trucking career started.  The good news is that Driver Solutions is here to help you get your CDL license and the proper truck driver training to serve as the foundation for your trucking career.  We will also work to place you into a pre-arranged truck driving job so you can get the basic experience needed to continue to advance your career in trucking.

If you are considering a trucking career, you are going to need the training sooner or later.  Getting started today with Driver Solutions will ensure you are prepared down the road for all of the truck driving career opportunities.

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