Trucking Careers - Now is a Great Time For a Job in Trucking

truck-driving-training-picIf you are looking for a career change, or just getting started in the workforce - now is a great time for a job in trucking.  Trucking is a very important industry as it directly impacts our economy.  Stop for a second and think about the last thing you purchased.  At some point, that item was probably on a truck. 

Truck driving jobs need to be filled by qualified individuals and currently there is a shortage.  This means that if you get the proper truck driver training, you have an excellent chance of being placed in a job immediately upon graduation.  If you were to get started in a trucking career today, you could be out on the road earning money in about 4 weeks.

One main question that comes up when considering a trucking career is - how am I going to pay for the truck driver training necessary to get my CDL license?  The good news is that there are options to help you get started in trucking training.

The first option is to pay for your truck driver training using money from a savings, checking, money market, COD or other type of financial account.  The cost for CDL training varies, but typically is right around $5,000 and in some cases can be more than $7,000.  Depending on your financial situation at the time, paying for training with this option may or may not be a possibility.

The second option is company paid CDL training.  This allows you to get the proper training at quality trucking schools without having to pay up front.  A trucking company such as USA Truck or PAM Transport pays for your trucker training in exchange for a certain amount of time with the company regardless of your credit history.  This is a very popular option as it allows you to get the truck driver training that is needed and at the same time you have a pre-arranged truck driving opportunity with a great trucking company.

With the company paid CDL training option available, really there is no reason not to get started today if you are considering a trucking career.  To learn more about truck driver training and the options we offer at Driver Solutions just complete our brief online trucking application.

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