Truck Driving Careers with Driver Solutions

Considering a career in trucking driving? How about getting started with a great trucking company that will sponsor your CDL training - no credit checks, down payments, or cosigners. All you do is commit to drive for the company. Driver Solutions wants to find the perfect opportunity in truck driving for you - we do the work, and you focus on the training.

After you apply for our company-sponsored CDL training, you'll attend a great truck driving school where you'll learn the basics of driving a semi and earn your Class A CDL. Each week of the truck driver training school will focus on a new task to lead you toward your CDL. In week one, you'll go over the information needed to get your CDL permit. You'll also start to learn your pre-trip inspection routine, and other tasks like logging and map reading. In your second week, you'll start driving a semi on a closed range, learning types of backing, how to turn properly, and shifting a ten speed transmission. The third week of your training is focused on refining skills and driving the trucks on the public roads, making sure you can operate the equipment safely. When you're ready, you'll take your CDL skills test and obtain your Class A CDL.

Throughout the three week program, you'll go from perhaps never even being inside a semi, to knowing how to safely and properly operate it. Your confidence will build with the guidance of the trucking school's CDL instructors, and you'll be ready to go out over the road with a trainer, driving for your trucking company.

If you need a new career, Driver Solutions wants to help you become a professional truck driver. No matter what your story - laid off, unhappy with your job, or maybe just looking for an adventure, there might be a truck driving opportunity waiting for you right now. Take a look at our website to learn more about the Driver Solutions company-sponsored training program and what is expected both from you, and from the job. Our website is filled with information about truck driving careers and opportunities across the country. When you're ready to move forward, just complete the online application and we'll handle the rest!

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