The Trucking Career Solution: More Than Just A Job

Searching for your next job? The real solution might be finding a suitable career. And since you’re reading this, you might be pondering a trucking career.

Jobs come with a paycheck; careers come with a plan for the future. Is a career in trucking the right decision? That depends on what matters most to you. Whether it’s a matter of finding something that is stable or just figuring out a way to do what you love while paying the bills, there are a lot of things to consider.  Once you find the right career though, energy is restored and life takes on a whole new meaning. At Driver Solutions, we hear stories daily on how a trucking career has restored hope and rebuilt a family. PAM Transport driver, Phillip J. shared one such story.

Philip’s Backstory: Life Before Trucking

Prior to joining the PAM Transport team, Phillip was working a construction job and fighting the constant battle of searching for his next paycheck.  Sure, there would be months when the work and pay were great, but as many construction jobs go, it wasn’t too long until months had gone by without work.  This left him and his family in a tough spot to say the least.  Constantly wondering where the next paycheck would come from and struggling to pa the bills took its toll over time.  Philip started to realize it was time for a change.

Like many people, Phillip jumped online searching to find jobs and careers he might enjoy.  He had always had in interest in becoming a truck driver, so trucking careers naturally caught his eye.  He happened to find Driver Solutions and soon after sending us his application he learned about trucking careers and truck driver jobs at PAM Transport.  He was able to take advantage of the Driver Solutions company paid CDL training program which helped him learn the skills needed to drive a big rig with no out-of-pocket tuition costs.   

PAM Transport Driver Phillip

The Trucking Career Solution: More Than Just A Job

After completing CDL training, Philip was able to begin not just a truck driving job, but a trucking career that he truly enjoys with PAM Transport.  As he shared with us, "Now, I'm back to a normal functional way of life. I was just tired of struggling and having nothing. Now, I feel everything shaping up! The best thing I could have done was to get on the internet that day and accept the opportunity that was placed in front of me. I'm very grateful and keeping alive."

Ready for a Trucking Career with PAM Transport?

Philip’s story is not unlike many others that are out there.  The struggle is real and finding a true career that you love can take time.  While it may start out as a PAM Transport (truck driver) job, for many it leads to a long-lasting trucking career with the company.  With the chance to earn up to $50,000 in just the first year, plenty of incentive payouts available on top of that, along with the ability to take advantage of advancement opportunities within the company - it’s no wonder that many truck drivers stick with PAM Transport for years.  

Great Paying Trucking Careers Start Here

It all starts right here with Driver Solutions.  If you’re looking for a great paying, stable job and have thought about becoming a truck driver, we can help you right now.  Just take a few moments to tell us about yourself by completing our secure online application.  This will let you schedule a time to speak with a representative about the CDL training and truck driving job openings in your area.  Go ahead - apply now so we can help you find a career to love.

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