Infographic: Trucking By The Numbers - Driving America’s Economy

It may sound like preaching to the choir to talk about just how big the trucking industry has grown in the United States, but it’s true. In recent research by uShip, the company found there are over 8 million Class 8 trucks registered across the country. Trucks literally drive America’s economy, transporting everything from food stuffs and produce to ores and machinery.

The largest number of trucks are registered to Florida drivers. Texas and California are next, followed by Alabama and Georgia. Collectively, drivers earn $30,660,552,900 annually. That averages out to about $37,770 per driver. Due to the rapid growth of the industry, the past couple decades have seen a focus on the health and well-being of truckers. Adjustments like mini-fridges and microwaves bring the comforts of home into the cab. For more on the changing lifestyles of truckers, check out this video from Driver Solutions.

Making life on the road more enjoyable can make a huge difference when traveling such long distances. There are 761,850 tractor trailer drivers and 49,920 light truck and delivery drivers on the road today travelling a total of 93,512,000,000 miles per year. That’s 195,713 round trips- to the moon. Small changes like a healthier diet and spending less can really add up. If you’re hungry for healthy tips for truck stop meals, you can pick up some guidance from articles at The Healthy Trucker.

The trucking industry isn’t about to slow down, and we don’t mean the 55 MPH truck drivers average on the road. We mean the industry is expected to grow 21% over the next 10 years. The trucking sector already dominates 83.7% of the commercial transport industry revenue. Rail, air, rail intermodal, water and pipeline all trail far behind- the largest industry after trucking is rail, at a measly 5% of the revenue. By contrast, America’s trucking industry is responsible for 5% of the entire country’s GDP. That’s $650 billion - and with the projected growth, that number is only going up.

Do you know how many hours it is from LA to NYC? Take a guess, then you can find the answer in the uShip infographic below. You can read more fun facts about the trucking industry there or watch the same information in the video above. 

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Trucking By The Numbers