Here’s How Truckers’ Wives Support Each Other

There are a lot of different ways that trucker wives can help support each other. One of the best ways that I have found is by joining an online community just for wives of truckers so you can find others in a similar situation. I joined a group soon after my husband started driving because I wanted to know how other wives handled things without their husband being home. I feel that these groups can be beneficial to all wives of truckers but especially new drivers’ wives.

Proud Trucker's WifeWhen you're used to having your husband home every night or at least a few nights a week, there's definitely an adustment period when he starts driving. The adjustment is hard on everyone involved. Being a part of the online community helped me a lot because I no longer felt like I was on my own. I quickly realized there were plenty of others in my same situation with similar questions. My friends always tried to help me feel better and answer any questions that I may have but they really had no idea what I was going through. But the wives in my group did because they have been where I was and can relate. Knowing that you are not the only one can be very helpful. Taking part in an online group can help because you can get a lot of great ideas on how to handle your husband being on the road. You can learn how others handled the pain of their husband being gone days at a time. You would be very surprised how even the smallest things can make you feel better. 

Learn How To Support Your Husband

These groups also are a great resource for ideas on how to support your husband.  There are plenty of ideas on what kind of meals to prepare for your husband and how to keep him healthy. Cooking meals for your husband is very important because this will help keep cost down and it helps make him feel more at home.  See my other post on how I prepare meals for my trucker.

You can also get some really good ideas on waht to get him for his truck to make it feel more like home. Keep in mind that his truck has now become his home away from home so you want to do everything that you can to help make your trucker happy. It is important to see what others have tried and what works and what doesn't work so well.  For example, I knew my trucker needed a bluetooth headset, but wasn't sure which one most truckers like the best.  The others in this group helped me out a bunch.

Weather Updates & Traffic Conditions

The site that I take part in is great about posting weather and traffic updates. This helps me because I can let my husband know certain areas to avoid. I will also be able to know if he's going to get caught up in a bad storm. I can also know where the wrecks are and this helps me help him because if he can avoid these areas then that will save him a lot of time. As the wife, you need to be very careful with this because it can lead to undue stress.

Have Some Fun

The other very important thing that these sites can do is give you a little pick me up at times. People post different silly sayings related to trucking that can put a smile on your face. This has helped me many, many times when I need to smile. There are also fun shirts with clever sayings related to the trucking industry that add a little humor to the day. 

Get Out There & Connect!

I'd encourage every spouse (wife or husband) of a trucker to go out there and find a group to get involved with.  Facebook can be a great resource for connecting with others in a similar situation. Groups like these all lean on each other for support and are highlt worthwhile!