The Perfect Mother’s Day for a Trucker’s Wife

As we all know, it's very hard on everyone when our spouse is a trucker and isn't home often and Mother’s Day is no different. I know that everyone has different ideas of what would make a perfect Mother’s Day, but I would like to share with everyone what I feel would be a perfect Mother’s Day for me, being a trucker's wife.

The Perfect Gift

Every year my husband and my children try and get me a gift. The gifts that they give me are always great, but this year I want something that money cannot buy. I want my husband home. I don’t care what we do or even if we do anything at all, as long as my husband is here to spend the day with me and the children. I want to spend time as a family doing things that everyone would enjoy.

If we were able to go somewhere, I would like to go see my mom at her lake house. This would also be fun for the children and my husband because we could also go fishing. Another day trip that I think would be fun is a trip to the mountains.

Sleeping In

Another great way for me to spend Mother’s Day is getting to sleep in just a little longer and then waking up to nice, clean house! This would take away the stress of getting the house clean and I would be able to enjoy the day with my husband and children doing things like playing board games and going outside to play.

Family Time

Then when the day is done, we could have a nice family meal that my husband cooked (my husband is a great cook). Then after dinner, everyone could sit down and watch a family movie.

Even if we weren't able to go anywhere or do anything, this would be the best Mother’s Day that I could ask for because the family would be together and this would better than anything that money could buy.

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