Truckers Help Feed The Children

Feed the Children Logo

I saw a news story on the NBC Nightly News about the organization Feed the Children.  The organization was recently in a town devasted by the bad economy and double-digit unemployment rates.  This story reminded us all that there is hope and highlighted neighbors helping neighbors.  I wonder if these people ever thought some of the most important help they could ever receive would come from a truck driver. 

It turns out a truck driver is responsble for helping to deliver the food and donations that help parents feed their children.  It proves that a trucking career can do a lot more than just put money your pocket. A CDL license can deliver hope in so many ways.

Everything we need, want, buy or sell has been on a truck at some point.  Just as important as the people who donate the food, is the trucker who makes sure deliveries are on time to the hungry people who need it.