A Story of Kindness - How A Fellow Trucker Helped Me Big Time

I wanted to tell you guys about an experience I had the other day...

I was delivering a load to a small town in the mountains of Pennsylvania and there was quite a bit of construction on my route. There were plenty of signs (poor signs, mind you, but signs nevertheless) about construction going on and my GPS was also telling me there was construction coming up. What the GPS and the signs failed to mention was that the major bridge that was supposed to get me to my destination was closed! I saw later if I had come from the other way there were better signs, but I had come from the North.

I saw a sign just .08 of a mile from my destination telling me that there was construction (no sign the bridge was closed) and the sign sign local traffic only. Oh soooooo close, but yet so far. I went back to what one of my trainers taught me in situations like these and that is, "Find a safe place to pull over and evaluate the situation before you do something stupid." Now only .08 tenth of a mile from my destination, was I considered "local traffic" to deliver the load? I didn't feel good about that part, so I did pull over to evaluate. I called the customer, no answer... Waited, called again.. no answer. This is where the kindness of a local trucker came through.

A man named Paul from Schneider trucking saw me on the side of the road and figured I was mulling things over. He lived in this small town and was heading back to his truck after his home time. He knocked on my door and said "Hey there! Trying to figure out how to get around that bridge that's closed?" I said "I didn't know the bridge was closed, but it says local traffic only".. Paul said "Oh yeah, very poor road signs on this end. I'm glad you didn't go down that road, would not have been good at all. I drive for Schneider and I totally get what you're going through. Would you like me to show you the back way to where you are going?" I said "Heck yes!!"

Paul took time out of what I am sure was a busy start to his week coming off of home time and spent 15 minutes showing me how to get around all the construction. When we got there, I made sure to thank him more than once! Pretty cool he would do that for me. He kept saying he understood and that the signs were not very good on this side of town. All I know is, it was a great way to start out the New Year with such kindness.

I am finding out quickly that a lot of truckers out there are really pretty cool and do care about other truckers.

Thank you Paul!

Take Care and be safe,


(Image credit: Katerha, Flickr)

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