Using a GPS for Directions & Importance of Calling Ahead

Today I just wanted to share a couple of things to remember when it comes to directions and getting places on time.  There's a lot of great technology out there, but from my experience I've learned it never hurts to double check your route with an atlas and it certainly never hurts to call ahead before delivery. 

GPS for TruckersRemember: a GPS is not a magic wand
I recently picked up a nice new GPS to help me OTR. I learned during training with USA Truck that the GPS is a great tool to help you OTR, but not the magic wand a lot of people think they are. I will be double checking all the routes it suggests and comparing them to my road atlas just to make sure we are on the same page. One of the coolest features it has, in my opinion, is the weather can check the weather along your route if you have a wifi hot spot.

See: Truck Driver GPS: Rand McNally TND 720 vs. Garmin dezl 760LMT

 Remember: it's always best to call ahead before delivery to double check
Just a little advice when you get ready to deliver a load, I recommend calling every stop you have and not only asking them the best directions on how to get there once off the highway, but also asking them what you should look for with regards to their truck entrance. Every place I have called has been great giving me small pieces of advice on where their truck entrances are located.  One guy was very emphatic that I DO NOT go into the first driveway on my right as I would never get out of there. It was a car entrance. I couldn't have appreciated that advice more! When I passed the first driveway it looked like it could have been an entrance. So call ahead and ask, it never hurts.

Take care and be safe out there!


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