Watch The Top Truck Driving Videos From Driver Solutions

Ever wonder what it's REALLY like to become a truck driver?  We're going to give you an inside look at what becoming a truck driver is all about in this series of videos featuring drivers who have actually "been there" and "done that."  We've categorized our top truck driving videos into playlists that cover everything - from CDL training all the way to what it's like to live life on the road and beyond. 

CDL Training

Everything from the first day of training all the way to taking the actual CDL skills test is covered here.  These videos explain why CDL training is so important to becoming a safe, reliable driver and how it helps new truck drivers build the skills that make them more marketable to the top trucking companies.

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Truck Driving School

The thought of going back to school can seem a little overwhelming at first...especially if it has been years since your last test.  But for most, going to truck driving school is an incredibly positive experience they will never forget.  Truck driving school students love the feeling of setting a goal and achieving it and greatly value the new friendships they make with students along the way.  Take a look behind the scenes at truck driving school in this video series. 

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Truck Driving Jobs

Well trained truck drivers are in demand and truck driving jobs are among the most stable in the country.  Driver Solutions works with its partner trucking companies to offer some of the best truck driving job opportunities for new drivers in the industry.  Getting paid to travel the country can be an incredibly rewarding experience and these videos take a look at all of the other perks that come along with it. 

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Trucking Career

Truck driving is more than just a job, it's a career and a lifestyle.  There will be a learning process that comes along with that first truck driving job, but once a driver gains some experience behind the wheel, a promising career awaits.  In this video series, we take a look at the career aspect of trucking and everything that comes along with it - from how to get the most out of life on the road to tips for a career advancement. 

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PAM Transport

PAM Transport offers great paying truck driving job opportunities to its drivers through a company sponsored CDL training program in partnership with Driver Solutions.  Find out more on the benefits of working with PAM Transport and hear from some real drivers in this video series.

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