Truck Driving Video - Introducing Jerry

If you're just starting to explore a career in truck driving, you might be wondering where an entry-level truck driving job can take you. What if we told you that you could travel across several countries - including some across an ocean? In this series, we're introducing you to our guest video blogger Jerry Ott, also known as "Bullfrog" among his friends and peers.

Jerry has a YouTube channel and video series called Big Rig Talk where he talks about and showcases his long career on the road. In the next few posts, Jerry will be talk about his background in truck driving -- and his unique experience overseas as a truck driver in Iraq! Watch the video to get acquainted with Jerry, and check back soon for the next part of this video post series.

Jerry has been in the truck driving industry for over 25 years. He started out with driving heavy tow trucks and wreckers and eventually grew tired of those vehicles and desired to drive a tractor trailer. With a little help from his family, he went to truck driving school and got his Class A endorsement on his drivers license. As a Canadian, his drivers license holds everything relating to his truck driving privileges including the Class A, Z air brakes endorsement, and medical card. In Canada, there is no such thing as a "Commercial Driver's License", and the drivers license can be upgraded or downgraded at any time by the Ministry of Transportation.

In 1993, Jerry got the opportunity to do "cross-border" truck driving and has been doing it ever since. He's been to every province in Canada except Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, and all the lower 48 United States, many times over. He's hauled every kind of trailer, from reefer to flatbed. He's driven over two million miles, accident-free! He believes one of the things that makes truck driving jobs so great is the travel - you're essentially a paid tourist.

Jerry currently works with flatbed trucks on a semi-dedicated lane. He's home every weekend, but his routes somewhat vary between different customers which he prefers since it mixes up his routine. While he's on a dedicated route with plenty of home time now, he started out like all other new truck drivers start out: by paying their dues and spending a couple of years out on the road. But Jerry thinks new truckers shouldn't be discouraged - there's a lot of opportunity out there, and the trucks they'll be getting placed in these days are very comfortable and well-equipped.

Jerry is a great example of how approaching an entry-level truck driving job with hard work and a positive attitude can open up a wealth of opportunities from extensive travel, great benefits, and the perfect position for you.

Check back soon to learn more about Jerry's experience driving a truck overseas in Iraq. If you have any questions for Jerry, leave a comment and he'll answer them in a future video.

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