Truck Driving Training Videos - Driver Solutions YouTube Channel

Today is YouTube's 5th anniversary, so we thought we would do a special truck driving educational post about some of our trucking videos on YouTube.  This post highlights 3 videos from the Driver's Solutions YouTube Trucking Channel that help provide answers to some of the questions we get in the trucking industry. 

Below are links and brief descriptions about 3 of our trucking videos (click on the heading to view video):

Becoming A Truck Driver - Part 1 Choosing A Driving School
Before considering a truck driving career, it is important to pick a great trucking school to help you get your CDL license.  In this video, Tim Ross tells more about how he selected Driver Solutions and some of the things he learned in truck driver training.

Why Is Trucking A Good Career Choice?
This is a video that answers one of our frequently asked questions - why is trucking a good career choice?  One of the main reasons is the stability of the trucking industry.  If you think about it, nearly everything you buy has been on a truck at some point.

How Much Money Can You Expect To Make With A Job In Trucking?
This is another one of our frequently asked questions in the trucking industry.  There is plenty of money to be made in a trucking career with the proper truck driving training.  This video breaks down your potential earnings with a career in truck driving.

Our goal is for you to use these videos to help provide education on trucking careers and training.  We encourage you to leave comments or ask questions below in the comments area of this post.