Truck Driving Training School - Interviews After First Week

If you are considering applying for truck driving training, you may be wondering what to expect at trucking school.  We had the chance to talk with some students in their first week of CDL training to get their feedback on their experience to date. 

Truck driving training through the Driver Solutions Network typically lasts right around 3 weeks.  Since there is a lot of information to cover in a short amount of time, it's not surprising to find out that most of the students feel they are learning a lot about driving a big rig. 

In this video, the students also share feedback on the CDL instructors here at truck driving training and how they are helping them learn the information necessary to get their CDL license.  

Check out the video below and if you would like to get your trucking training started so you can pursue a new career in right around 3 weeks, just complete our online driver application.

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