Truck Driver Training School Enrollment Is Up

Truck driving jobs currently need to be filled and enrollment at trucking schools is on the rise with people realizing that pursuing a trucking career may be the best way to find steady employment.  Yesterday, I ran across a story about Michael Brock. 

Michael had been working in construction jobs for 20 years before enrolling in truck driver school.  He began to realize that, at age 43, the construction industry was not stable enough for him.  There are many others looking for employment that are joining him.  With the demand for freight being so high and a projected number of 400,000 truck driver jobs being offered to qualified drivers by the end of 2012, truck driving represents a promising way to provide for a family and pay the bills.

If you are looking to get into the trucking industry, you will need to earn your commerical driver's license (CDL) to be qualified to drive professionally.  The best way to do that is through CDL truck driving school.  At Driver Solutions, we offer a program that allows you to earn your CDL in right around 3 weeks.  This means if you are looking to get some stable pay right now, you could be just about a month away from earning a consistent paycheck and making up to $50,000 in that first year.

Complete our online driver application to get things started so you can get the CDL training needed to get out on the road to start earning stable money.  Check out the video below to hear how some of our students feel about stability in the trucking industry. 

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